Straight Boys Giving It Up (1:45:20)

It’s astonishing what a straight boy will do for money if he thinks that no one will ever find out. Sure, there are a handful that need a lot of coaxing, since the gay sex thing might be something that is very disturbing to them at first. But after some careful grooming and a handful of Benjies, almost 100% of them will be down on your Daddy cock like white on rice. What’s funnier than that, though, is that many of them will try to recruit their friends, even. Maybe it’s because they feel guilty deep down inside for letting an old man fuck them in the ass, and they think if a friend does it then it makes it OK. I don’t care how they feel about it afterward, to tell you the truth. What matters to me is that I get my nut with these fine young men. These straight boys want that green bad – and they are more than happy to put on a show to get it. Daddy Clay barebacks these guys, breeds them, and cums in their mouths. Sometimes it is the first time they’ve ever tasted cum, and they gag. But the exciting part is seeing them work so hard to get Daddy off. It’s very endearing seeing all these straight boys finally giving it up. Better yet, I’ve got it all caught on hidden camera! So much for no one ever finding out!