Owning Brian Bonds (19:43)

We’ve known Brian Bonds for a long time, but he’s never been here with us because he was always such a proper and polite young man. He sure wasn’t a nasty daddy. Until now. Brian had grown a scruffy beard, built up the muscles on that ripped body, pulled on a pair of leather shorts and he’s ready to beg, “Please hold me tighter.” Big, bad nasty daddy Drew Sebastian gets the honor of ushering Brian into the world of Nasty Daddy. We start with one flogging and spitting and skin to skin action but before long our new recruit is begging Daddy to “tear my hole up.” This buck can’t get enough and wants to be initiated into the world of Nasty Daddy. Drew dominates Brian’s hole. He doesn’t just fuck it. He owns it. He dominates it. Brian gets fucked like the dog he is and then he rolls Drew onto his back and rides it. Drew doesn’t’ just fuck Brian. He makes Brian a man. He makes Brian a Nasty Daddy.