Bullies Get Banged (1:23:21)

One of the great joys in life is to see a bully get his just deserts. Here at the Boys Halfway House, in addition to focusing on getting young mens’ lives back on track, we also single out the bullies for some special treatment. By the time we are finished with them, they are humbled, and much less likely to cause problems in the future. Not only do we make sure to slam fuck their young assholes with the thickest dicks we can find, but we make sure that they get very acquainted with the taste of cum – lots of it. Even the straightest guy with the tightest hole is no match for our House Managers. Each one of these guys – bullies each and every one of them – find themselves at the end of our recovery sessions laying on a bed with their buttholes gaping and sperm dripping down their cheeks.
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