Bar Time Breeding 2 (32:22)

See the wild frenzy of men, sex, hair and muscle the three Alpha males (Jon Galt, Milam Gamiani, and Jake Morgan) have unleashed among the other men in the bar, in this video full of Natural Born Breeders. We’ve returned to the bar, to see what the other men at the watering hole are up to. After witnessing the hot display of the three alpha males, pounding away at each other, the rest of the males (8 bears, wolves and otters) get heated up and start to thirst for one another. They get together in groups, kissing, growling, licking and groping each other in a wild frenzy. After the horny males divide into pairs to suck on and taste each other’s meat, they let their urges to mate with one another take over. The scene erupts into an orgy of muscle, hair, sweat, and cum, as the 8 males release their pent up loads all over and inside each other’s bodies, some cumming all over each other’s cocks. After their satisfied, the pack bonds together in a circle, where they embrace and kiss each other strongly.