My Roommates Boyfriend: Hairy Cum Dump (24:06)

Matt Ryder and his Daddy, Bishop Angus lay down for an afternoon nap after the gym and as they do Bishop warns Matt to stay away from their new roommate, Zachery Rhys. Matt assures Daddy not to worry as he is only into thick cocks. After about an hour of sleeping, Matt wakes up horny and sneaks out of the bedroom, only to find Zachery stroking his big cock downstairs in the living room. Matt can’t help but stare and wants that raw cock so bad that he finally gives in and gets on his knees getting his face fucked by that beautiful cock. Zachery doesn’t waste time sliding his cock up that hairy slut hole only to fill it with cum and send him back to bed with his Daddy. When Matt sneaks back into bed, Bishop wakes up and can feel his boy’s ass is wet and knows where he has been!
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