American Holidays (1:33:25)

They were best friends. They thought they knew each other...and themselves. California, Fall 2000. Ettore Tosi catches buddies Victor Racek and Federico Bulsara going at it in the desert. Unable to shake off those memories of male lust, Ettore is haunted by his truer desires: he's hooked. Back home, Ettore confronts his suppressed sexuality and experiments with carpenter Vilem Cage. His thirst for new, bolder adventures becomes unquenchable: Ettore wanders an abandoned castle and spies on two hot couples: Tiziano Cortese and Luca Ferri; Gennaro Grimaldi and Erik Lenn. After a brief encounter with hunky Matthias Vannelli, Ettore realizes what (whom) he's really longing for. By the time he goes back to the States with his buddy, Ettore is ready to leave his fears behind and to embrace the future.
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